Sunday, 1 May 2016

Installing R and RStudio on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1

Originally was published in Data Analysis with R and Python, another my blog:

Installing R

To install R we should open software manager: "Main menu -> System -> YaST -> Software -> Software Management", type R-base in the search field, then click on the "Search" button, mark checkboxes for R-base and R-base-devel packages and click on the "Accept" button:
For correct installation of additional packages we should previously install the GNU C and C++ compilers, in our case 4.8-8.4 version:
If we will work with XML documents we should also install libxml2-devel package:

Installing RStudio

Open RStudio download page and choose appropriate installer, for example RStudio 0.99.489 - Fedora 19+/RedHat 7+/openSUSE 13.1+ (64-bit), then download file rstudio-0.99.489-x86_64.rpm, in our case. When file will be downloaded, open Konsole (or Terminal) go to the directory with that file and type a command
sudo zypper install rstudio-0.99.489-x86_64.rpm
When the installation process will be finished we can open RStudio IDE with "Main menu -> Development -> RStudio":
After running the RStudio main window should look like one:

Monday, 13 January 2014

Webinars and webcasts in 2013

In the last year, I've taken part in some webinars and watched some webcasts on topics which I fully or partly involved in - gvSIG, Python programming and web technologies. A list of the webinars/webcasts is below.

  1. gvSIG Desktop 2.0
    Date: July 24th, 2013
    Organizers:  MundoGEO (Brazil), gvSIG Association (Valencia, Spain)
    Speakers: Eliazer Kosciuk, Wilson Holler
    Language: Portuguese

  2. All about the gvSIG Project
    Date: August 12th, 2013
    Organizers:  MundoGEO (Brazil), gvSIG Association (Valencia, Spain)
    Speakers: Victoria Agazzi, Mario Carrera, Manuel Madrid
    Language: English

  3. Geoprocessamento Avançado com gvSIG
    Date: September12th, 2013
    Organizers:  MundoGEO (Brazil), gvSIG Association (Valencia, Spain)
    Speakers: Manuel Pulido Fernández, University of Extremadura (Spain)
    Language: Portuguese

  4. Data Science Experiments with Twitter and IPython Notebook
    Date: December 13th, 2013
    Organizers:  O'Reilly Media (@oreillymedia)
    Speaker: Matthew Russell (@ptwobrussell)
    Language: English

  5. Novedades de gvSIG 2.1
    Date: December 18th, 2013
    Organizers:  MundoGEO (Brazil), gvSIG Association (Valencia, Spain)
    Speakers: Alvaro Anguix
    Language: Spain

Saturday, 1 January 2011

My blog about GIS, spatial data and tools

This is my blog about spatial data and spatial analysis using open source GIS and open programming tools like R and Python languages. These tasks are the main fields of my professional activity at the moment. I hope my articles will be interesting for others too.

Sometimes I'm also going to publish some personal notes because a lot of events happen in everyone's life and often we would like to share them with friends. 

All posts express my own point of view and don't have any relations with my employer.